Privacy Policy

Processing of Personal Data

Obtaining, recording, storing, preserving, changing, rearranging, disclosing, transferring, taking over, making available, classifying or using personal data by fully or partially automatic or non-automatic means provided that it is part of any data recording system. Any action performed on data, such as blocking.

Data Processor

Natural or legal person who processes personal data on behalf of the data controller, based on the authority given by the data controller.

Data Recording System

A recording system where personal data is structured and processed according to certain criteria.

Data Controller

The natural or legal person who determines the purposes and means of processing personal data and is responsible for establishing and managing the data recording system.

Within the scope of the law, Yolcu Elmas Tour acts as the data controller.

In the capacity of data controller, your personal and/or sensitive personal data is completely processed by our company and our branches, sub-agents, call center, affiliated companies on behalf of our company, or through our websites, mobile applications and social media pages or all kinds of channels, but not limited to these. or can be partially obtained, recorded, stored, changed, updated, periodically checked, rearranged, classified, kept for the period necessary for the purpose for which they are processed or stipulated in the relevant law, in case of legal or service-related actual requirements, or with whom our company works together. It may also be shared with public institutions and organizations to which it is legally obliged and/or third party real persons/legal persons residing in Turkey or abroad, service providers and supplier companies, insurance companies and our Company and/or sub-agencies of our Company, whether legally or It may be transferred abroad in case of actual service-related requirements or processed, including preventing its use.

Your personal data; It can be collected in writing, verbally or electronically through all kinds of channels, including but not limited to our company, branches, sub-agencies, website, mobile applications, call center, business partners or supplier companies.

While our company and our sub-agencies carry out the travel agency activities specified in the provisions of the Travel Agencies and Association of Travel Agents Law No. 1618 and the Travel Agencies Regulation prepared on the basis of this law, we make agreements with third party supplier companies and make reservations for the provision of services on your behalf. Therefore, you may share your necessary personal information with third party supplier companies (payment infrastructure providers, accommodation companies, airline companies, companies providing transportation services including land and sea, car rental companies, insurance companies, transfer personnel and other service providers). related persons and organizations).

Therefore, our company will share your personal data with persons, institutions and organizations authorized by our laws, those who are allowed to process information within the scope of tourism and consumer law legislation, and our company, our branches and sub-agencies and the relevant parties in order to provide you with better service, as well as to fulfill their obligations arising from the legislation to which our company is subject. It will be able to process with other persons and organizations as specified in Law No. 6698.

Our Users' Rights

By applying to our company within the framework of Article 11 of Law No. 6698;

Learning whether personal data is processed or not,

Requesting information if personal data has been processed,

Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used for their intended purpose,

Knowing the third parties to whom personal data is transferred at home or abroad,

Requesting correction of personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed,

Requesting the deletion or destruction of personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in Article 7 of the Law,

To request that the transactions made in accordance with the 5th and 6th requests above be notified to third parties to whom personal data is transferred,

Objecting to the emergence of a result that is unfavorable to the individual by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automatic systems,

In case of damage due to personal data being processed unlawfully, you have the right to request compensation for the damage.

This information, declaration and approval form is an annex and an integral part of all kinds of service contracts and service procurement requests you have signed with our company and our sub-agencies on behalf of our company.

Within the framework of the explanations made above;

You can complete this information, declaration and approval form face to face or via text message, e-mail, internet, disk, CD, DVD, memory card and any other means or media in accordance with clause (c) of Article 4 of the Distance Contracts Regulation. By using one, I acknowledge that I have read and understood it and that the following statement taken in this way is valid.

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, personal and/or Obtaining, recording, storing, changing, updating, periodically checking, rearranging, classifying my special personal data in whole or in part, keeping them for the period necessary for the purpose for which they are processed or stipulated in the relevant law, legal or service-related actual requirements. In case, your Company and/or your Company, public institutions and organizations with which it works or is legally obliged to do so, and/or third party service providers, supplier companies, banks, payment institutions, visa agents, consulates, insurance companies resident in Turkey or abroad. I hereby give my informed and explicit consent to the processing, including sharing it with sub-agencies, transferring it abroad in case of legal or service-related actual requirements, or preventing its use, by being informed about the subject without any hesitation.